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How to setup Autoptimize on wordpress

“Autoptimize” is best javascript/css combining plugin, we have ever seen. It is magical tool to decrease requests to your server and makes website faster.

You can setup “Autoptimize” using two methods one is simple and another is advanced.

Simple Setup

It is easiest method to setup “Autoptimize”, After installing and activating plugin. Just go to Settings >> Autoptimize, then select options as shown in image and save. Hola! you have done. This method may broken your site javascript functions, If there is problem use advanced method for this.

Advanced Setup

Sometimes Simple method breaks your sites javascript functions, so this method is best for 99% wordpress websites.
Go to wp-admin >> Settings >> Autoptimize.
Then click on “Show advanced settings” button.
Now select checkbox “Force JavaScript in ?”

You can also exclude javascript file which is broken due to combining javascripts, but it requires some technical knowledge about javascript, html.
It’s all done, however render blocking takes some time to load but it is still faster than too many requests to server. Example: your site have 5 javascripts/ 3 css files, so it will get total 8 requests to server. But if you combine all these there will be just 2 requests. And compressed CSS/JS size is too less so it still loads faster and avoid server loads.

Enjoy! if you have questions you can contact us.